You could have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the sniper hiding in the snow in 30 seconds – before he kills you | The Sun

YOU could have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the sniper in 30 seconds.

The sniper is cleverly hidden in the snow- can you find him before he kills you?

The TikToker shared a video of themselves carefully camouflaged in a snowy forest.

He challenged his followers to try to spot him before he shoots.

"Did you find me before the end," he captioned the clip.

A number of TikTokers thought they spotted a pair of glasses so he shared a post to clarify.

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"The Goggles in the snow to the right isn’t me that’s the top to a shovel that’s buried," he said.

A few people were able to see him but many struggled.

One said: "He’s in the snow. Now time to run."

Someone said: "Diagonally right from light pole."

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Another one wrote: "I will tell you in the summer."

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