You could have a top IQ if you can spot which way the cat is travelling in this optical illusion within five seconds | The Sun

YOU could have a top IQ if you can spot which way the cat is travelling in this optical illusion within five seconds.

The grey moggy has managed to mystify social media users trying to decipher its direction.

The incredible illusion shows the furry feline pacing on a grey flight of stairs.

Although you can clearly see the cute creature's face looking straight at you, it's difficult to make sense of which way it's going.

But if you manage to bust the brain teaser in just five seconds, it could be a sign of your extraordinary intelligence.

Studies show that the more you exercise your brain with difficult puzzles, the smarter you tend to be.

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Admittedly, to many people the cat could be crawling either up or down the staircase – so don't worry if you can't work it out.

The puzzle sparked a fiery debate among Reddit users, who presented strong arguments to back up their answers.

If you take a closer look at the mind-boggling illusion, you may notice a tell-tale sign revealing the direction.

Many users pointed out there is a noticeable stair lip in the image, which would only be seen from an upward perspective – meaning the moggy is descending down the steps.

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However, others pointed out the mosaic staircase could actually have been adorned with a wooden protective lip.

This would mean that the feline is climbing up the staircase.

Some eagle-eyed viewers suggested the reflection of the light revealed the answer for them.

You may see either the cat going down with the light coming from the ceiling, or heading up with the light coming from downstairs.

And Redditors even analysed the cat's posture and position of its paw to help them solve the puzzle.

One wrote: "Up, look at the elevation of the rear of the cat. If it were going down it would be at a different angle and probably lower."

Another added: "Down, the jutting part of the stairs would be illogically placed on top."

A third said: "Look at the cat’s tail — it’s facing upwards, or the opposite of the direction it’s moving in.

"If the cat were to go up the stairs, its tail would point downwards."

And a fourth chimed in: "The cat is going up, the tail is used to balance the body of the cat and in this case the tail is elevated upwards.

"So that when the cat uses its rear legs to push up it pushes parallel to the line on which gravity is working on the tail to stabilize itself."

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We previously told how the extraordinary image can also reveal whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.

Depending on which direction you decide it is travelling, The Minds Journal claims it can expose your approach to life.

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