Women share the savage texts ‘nice guys’ have sent them after being rejected… so maybe a bad boy IS the way to go

AS we're sure any single girls will agree, part of being on a dating app means having to wade through countless messages from overly-eager blokes.

And one thing we've all learnt from our time on Tinder is that men that describe themselves as "nice guys" are often anything but.

Now women around the world have been sharing the absolutely savage messages they were sent after rejecting so-called "nice guys".

And let's just say, there's nothing nice about these exchanges – which were collated in a Bored Panda gallery.

Where one woman went from being called "beautiful" to a "b****h" after she failed to instantly respond to her match's messages, another was called "fat" when she said she'd rather continue eating her guacamole instead of accepting one bloke's crude advances.

Kid You Not

Bedder believe it

Shame Game

Slam dump

Woe is me

Text trouble

A big phoney

Pillow Talk

Love stuck

Holy Guacamole

Rude Awakening

Netflix & Chill

Bold text

Take a swipe

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