Woman slammed as ‘gross’ for wheelie bin cleaning hack which helps her tidy the house quicker

A WOMAN revealed her time-saving hack for cleaning the house quickly – but was slammed as gross for the idea. 

She revealed how she drags her wheelie bin inside her house as a quick way to get rid of the items she no longer needs.

Although she intended to share the hack to be helpful to other cleaning fans, her act has caused a huge divide online.

She shared snaps of her clear-out to popular Facebook group, Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia, that boasts 303,000 members.

It became such an ordeal, the woman was forced to edit her post asking people to leave their “nasty comments” elsewhere.

The Aussie homeowner had shared several photos including one of her kitchen that was clearly undergoing a massive clean-up and another of a wheelie bin inside her house.

She captioned the snaps: “Nothing like a cullfest and clean up of your life. Thought this would be appreciated here.

“I’ve done bedroom, office, kitchen laundry, next the linen cupboard!”

But while many praised her “solid efforts” with her post attracting more than 1000 ‘likes’ and over 530 comments, others passed judgment over her wheelie bin being inside the house.

“Bin inside during a pandemic, no!” one Australian person wrote.

“Bin inside? Yuk!” a second person commented, while some took aim at the contents inside the bin.

“Golly, reduce, reuse, recycle. This is heartbreaking. Our planet needs humans to do the right thing. Please reconsider how you work through your clean-up,” one person said.

“That’s not a glass jar in the landfill bin is it? I love those big coffee jars for dry goods in my pantry, but if it’s not getting a second life as a container can it at least be recycled?” added another.

However, many came to the woman’s defence condemning all the “Bin Karens”.

“Very disappointed on the people on here judging this lady. She’s done a good job by decluttering her house and letting go of things that’s not needed. Obviously if they’re in the bin there no good for anyone else to eat,” one woman wrote.

“God the judgmental people here. No one is asking YOU to bring a bin in or to do anything. This is meant to be a supportive page not a place to make cheap shots,” said another.

Another Facebook member branded those slamming the woman as “contradicting themselves”.

This story previously appeared on News.com.au and has been republished with permission.

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