Woman shocked as bumbling baker writes ‘no inscription please’ on top of wedding cake

A WOMAN left shocked after a baker wrote “no inscription please” on top of a wedding cake. 

The comical image was shared on Twitter by a restaurant owner who saw the mishap before the bride. 

The photo showed a white frosted carrot cake with the 'accidental' text slapped in the middle of the cake. 

Her caption read: “The wedding cake arrived for today’s event.”

The woman said she was left dying with laughter at the cake and saw the funny side as it wasn’t her wedding. 

Thankfully the team were on hand to sort out the issue before the bride saw that her text had been taken very literally. 

The woman added: “We peeled it off and the florist covered it with flowers.”

Many people were quick to joke about the cake, with one saying: “One of the best things I’ve ever seen…”

Another added: “Hahaha captain literal must’ve been the decorator.”

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