Woman claims she can cure a hangover in minutes using just massage

IT'S a pretty safe assumption that most of us Brits are going to have a sore head tomorrow after the big England match tonight.

But while were planning on downing a couple energy drinks in the morning and keeping an emergency pack of paracetamol on standby, one woman claims there's an easy way to INSTANTLY get rid of a hangover.

Posting on her TikTok page Wellness with Sakshi, the health guru raved about an acupuncture tool which she claims drains the body of toxins- although she claims the top of a bullet-point pen would work just as well.

She captioned her clip: "Next time you’ve had too much to drink and wake up feeling that hangover.

"Try massaging each of these reflex points for 1-2 minutes."

In the short clip, Sakshi films herself slowly massaging points underneath her nose, eyebrows and her cheekbones.

The wellness expert added: "I added these two points on the right side of my face for liver and gallbladder.

"This will help ease the hangover by suppressing the effects of alcohol."

But while she swears by the technique, Sakshi says the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol entirely.

The video has racked up over 520,000 views since it was posted four days ago – and while some rushed to try it, others weren't so convinced.

"Girl this came at the right time," one replied.

Next time you’ve had too much to drink and wake up feeling that hangover.Try massaging each of these reflex points for 1-2 minutes.

Another added: "I needed this today!"

However, a third joked: "I don’t think this is gonna erase the damage of 12 tequila Red Bulls…"

Dr Aishah Iqbal told Metro: "These particular points are said to relieve headaches and while there is evidence of acupuncture aiding headache relief in some cases, there is no strong evidence that massaging these parts of the face will help cure a hangover."

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