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BARELY able to breath and battling depression, Karl West's weight was spiralling out of control.

The dad-of-four had ballooned to over 16 stone and was no longer able to play with his kids because his size meant he got tired too quickly.

However, it was only when Karl, from Wrexham, North Wales, went to see his doctor that he had a stark, but much-needed wake-up call – he was eating his way to an early death.

Medics warned him the 37-year-old his surplus weight was causing life-threatening breathing troubles and sleep apnoea.

Determined to do something about his weight, Karl took up the keto diet and was amazed to drop an incredible five stone in just ten months.

And he now has a muscular figure a bodybuilder would be proud of – while still being able to scoff bacon, sausages, cheese and mayo.

The psychology student said: "Now, having lost five stone in 10 months, I feel like the weight loss has taken 10 years off me.

"My life has changed for the better."

Karl, who wore size 38 inch waist trousers, first realised he desperately needed to lose weight in December last year.

He'd piled on the pounds due to his slowing metabolism as he got older and an addiction to pasties and battered chicken takeaways.

Karl used to work out when he was younger, but working 12-hour shifts in a factory while trying to look after this kids also meant he went seven years without entering a gym.

He said: "I weighed 16st 12lbs and knew I needed to change – I would have ended up over 17 stone.

“I was also suffering from depression and was really in a rut.

"I thought if my mental state was going to improve I would have to improve my fitness."

Having lost five stone in 10 months, I feel like the weight loss has taken 10 years off me. My life has changed for the better

On top of this, Karl was given a reality check when he went to the doctors because he kept waking up twice a week, unable to breath due to sleep apnoea.

His doctor confirmed that this dangerous condition was linked to his surplus weight.

He said: "Before I lost weight I was having sleep apnoea, I would wake up a few times unable to breathe and my GP said it was related to my weight.

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet involves eating lots of "good" fat, to curb hunger pangs, while cutting out carbs and eating moderate amounts of protein.

It's said to boost energy levels and help speed up weight loss.

The diet relies on a normal metabolic process called ketosis – that helps the body keep working.

It's where the body, starved of carbs for energy, starts to burn fat reserves instead.

For healthy people, who don't have diabetes and aren't pregnant, ketosis usually kicks in after three or four days of following the plan and eating less than 50g of carbs a day.

That's about three slices of bread, two small bananas or a low-fat fruit yog.

So if you're cutting out all those carbs, what can you eat?

Fat is the answer! It should make up about 60 to 80 per cent of total daily calories, while protein makes up 10 to 15 per cent and carbs are less than 10 per cent.

And it's not just a calorie free-for-all. Keto enthusiasts should cap their daily intake at 1,800 calories a day.

If it sounds like Atkins, it's not far off – the main difference being limiting protein on a daily basis.

"It was a trigger point, they say it can be quite dangerous.

"From the age of 16 to 25 I was quite healthy, I was going to the gym but eight years doing 12 hour shifts in a factory to put food on the table meant I didn't take care of myself."

Karl decided to turn his life around in January – and took up the keto diet after hearing that Tyson Fury used it to shed the pounds.

He swapped fast food for keto cakes and lifting weights in the gym four times a week and quickly saw the pounds drop off.

Before he knew it, Karl had shed five stone in ten months and now has a honed physique.

Most importantly, it is now younger kids Hollie 11, Tetan, 10, and, Carson, six who struggle to keep up with their dad and his boundless energy.

Karl said:  "I decided to do keto because I follow boxing and knew Tyson Fury had used it to lose a few stone, so thought I would give it a try.

"Before I felt so old, I got really lethargic and tired, but now I’m young again.

Karl's diet before and after


Breakfast: Full English fry up cooked in vegetable oil or rounds of toast.

Lunch: White bread sandwiches, pasties, crisps and chocolate.

Dinner: Battered chicken, or carb-heavy meals of pasta, rice or potatoes.


Breakfast: Eggs, bacon and healthy chipolata pork sausages.

Lunch: Healthy fats like avocado, macadamia nuts and almonds, mature cheddar cheese, and chicken and vegetables cooked in duck fat or lard and served with full fat cream or mayonnaise.

Dinner: Chicken, pork or lamb with vegetables grown above ground or salad, and ground almond keto bread

Snacks: Pork scratchings, nuts and full fat cream, pickled eggs, Pepperamis, cheese

Drinks: Unsweetened almond milk, black coffee, water

"I play five aside football and can run around with my kids.

"Last year playing around the house I felt that I couldn’t join in, but now it’s the children that can’t keep up with me."

Karl loved the keto diet as it meant he didn't have to ditch some of his favourite foods including pork scratchings and pickled eggs.

Karl said keto cakes – where no flour is used and almond ground and coco is used as a sweetener – made by wife Nicola, 40, a psychology student and mum-of-six, helped him kick his sugar cravings at the start.

As part of the new diet he has kicked his love of sugar and carbs but is still able to enjoy fry up breakfasts containing bacon and chipolata sausages.

Karl, who is now a psychology student at Glyndwr University, said: "At the start it was very difficult because I got sugar cravings.

"But I find that food has a better taste to it now, I can appreciate it more on my taste buds.

"When I look back to the last couple of years I wasn't really thinking about what I was eating.

"My wife and I have always been really close but I don't think I'd have been able to do it without her.

"I've also been surprised at how nice people have been, everyone has been so encouraging."

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