Trolls slammed me as ‘inappropriate’ for sharing a fun, dance video with my step-dad in my bikini – they’re just stupid | The Sun

WOULD you strip down to your undies and dance in front of a parent? 

It’s what everyone is asking themselves after an influencer rocked out in her bikini with her step-dad. 

Australian influencer and business owner Karina Irby posted the crude clip to her TikTok channel, and people are branding it ‘disturbing’. 

Karina, who lives in Queensland, has over 1.2million followers and enjoys sharing ‘real’ pictures of her body on social media. 

The 32-year-old often bites back at trolls who make rude comments about her figure, and her latest clip received yet more harsh views.

In the video, Karina is dressed in one of her own Moana Swimwear bikinis. 

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One of Britney Spears’ hit songs Work B***h plays as she dances and thrusts her hips at the camera. 

All the while, Karina’s step-dad stands behind her in his Speedos. 

He turns around when he realises she is behind him and asks: “What the f*** are you doing?”

He shakes his head and laughs as she dances to the music.

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Karina’s step-dad looks completely bewildered when he notices her dancing – and so are Karina’s fans, who say her outfit is completely inappropriate.

“What in the sweet home Alabama is going on here…” asked one user.

“What movie did I click on,” joked a second.

“That was a nice surprise, your step-dad, there’s so much I want and could say,” teased a third. 

A fourth asked: “As if you do [that] in front of your step-dad. REALLY.” 

And a fifth said: “Who could possibly feel comfortable dancing like that in a bikini in front of their step-father?”

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Karina’s video got so much criticism that she spoke out about people’s stupidity in response. 

She told “No matter what you do on social media these days, someone will always find a way to bring you down, or in this case, project their insecurities or issues upon you.

“But, in this case, the facts are pretty simple. My stepdad and I have a great, normal relationship.

“We both have a good sense of humour and like to do stupid things to make others laugh.”

Karina also explained that she “lives in bikinis” because she owns a swimwear business. 

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“It’s a hot Australian Christmas and our family spent it by the pool, hence the swimwear,” she said.

“I do find it kind of funny – and a little bit sad – that so many people are spending their festive season getting angry on the internet, when they should be having fun with their family.”

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