Traveller wife shares her huge daily cleaning routine – including dusting her Chanel bag wardrobe

A WOMAN who calls herself a ‘traveller wife’ has shared her epic daily cleaning routine – including dusting her wardrobe filled with designer handbags. 

She shared a clip showing off her immaculate home, with Mrs Hinch-approved grey carpets, furnishings and kitchen – complete with a marble worktop. 

Sharing the routine on TikTok, she starts off by pouring fairy liquid and bleach into her washing up bowl, which she uses to wipe down her appliances. 

But they’re not any old kettle and toaster, and she shows off her Smeg Dolce & Gabbana set – which cost £1,000 combined – and she also owns the stand mixer, costing £1,559 alone. 

She then heads off to the bedroom where she empties out her wardrobe, filled with designer gear. 

The cleaning fan piles up her boxes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, with her bed covered with expensive purses and bags. 

She spritzes, wipes and dusts her wardrobe, before lining up her colour-coordinated bags. 

Lastly she heads to the bathroom to clean her corner-tub, before hoovering and opening all the windows. 

And she did all her cleaning without ruining her impressive manicure. 

The clip, which she captioned ‘traveller wife cleaning daily routine’, has racked up thousands of views, as people were equally impressed with her interiors – and her motivation to clean.

One person raved: "Looks beautiful, so you do this everyday? Just curious. . .I wish I had the motivation."

Another posted: "It's the £500 kettle for me."

A third gushed: "Love this. The organisation in the cupboard is so satisfying."

Someone else commented: "I've got a crush on your home."

While this person added: "The Dolce & Gabbana set."

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