Three grannies accidentally turn up to a wedding in the same dress – and find it hilarious

SPEAKING from experience here, putting together the perfect outfit for a wedding is an absolute fashion minefield.

Along with avoiding the colour white at all costs, guests also need to be wary of upstaging the bride (i.e. NOT wearing anything bodycon or remotely exposed).

But with all that said, you also have to bear in mind the possibility of rocking up to the wedding only to find another guest is wearing the exact same thing as you.

Unbelievably, this exact fashion faux pas happened to not just two but THREE of the couple's grandmothers at a wedding reception – and they even their navy shoes matched too.

Bringing the sweet snap to the internet's attention, Twitter user Alex Campisi revealed that all three guests had opted for the same elegant navy lace gown for the special occasion.

In response to US talk show host Jimmy Fallon's request for "wedding fails", Alex wrote: "All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in the exact same dress!"

And considering how sophisticated the style is (and how lovely it looked on all three women), we can totally understand why.

Luckily, the three grannies found it a totally hilarious coincidence and were all too happy to pose for the camera.

Racking up over 4,000 "likes" on Twitter, other users were quick to argue that this wasn't a "wedding fail" at all.

One replied: "This is NOT a fail, how adorable!"

Another joked: "In fact, I'd call this a win-win!"

Meanwhile, a third added: "All three of those grandmothers have excellent taste."

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