Shocked mum left in hysterics after finding Co-op carrot which looks like something VERY rude

JULIE Smith had gone into autopilot mode as she prepared one of her favourite Jamie Oliver recipes last week – but after ripping into a bag of Co-op carrots, the mum-of-four couldn't contain her laughter.

There sitting in front of her on the kitchen counter was a root vegetable which wouldn't look out of place in the aisles of Ann Summers.

The 43-year-old mum, from Bristol, couldn't get the image of the £60 Rampant Rabbit sex toy – which celebrated its 30th birthday last week – out of her head.

"The likeness was uncanny," Julie said. "As soon as I picked it out of the bag it was all I could think of."

As well as being the exact same shape, the root vegetable even had the two tiny ‘rabbit’s ears’ designed to give maximum pleasure to its user.

She continued: "The kids asked me what I found so funny but I obviously couldn’t tell them so I took some pictures and shared them with some girlfriends and they spotted the resemblance too.

"One of my friends described it as ‘sustainable sex toy’. Another said it would help her ‘be at one with nature’. We all had a real giggle about it."

But when Julie showed her husband Andrew, he had no idea what she was talking about.

The mum added: "“We buy a lot of veg, especially carrots and broccoli, and we have had the odd heart-shaped spud – but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“The irony isn’t lost on me that the Rampant Rampant celebrated its birthday last week. 

“Perhaps this is a special Co-op commemorative carrot?!”

There are currently 23 different models of Rampant Rabbits in the Ann Summers collection each offering something different.

The sex toy has revolutionised attitudes towards female sexual pleasure and even featured in hit movie Sex And The City in which the characters held no-holds-barred conversations about their sex toy experiences. 

The Rabbit remains the world’s most popular sex toy with one flying off the shelves every three minutes.

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