Prince Harry's lover Sasha Walpole reveals how the royal rang her house and spoke to her mum before teen pair had sex | The Sun

PRINCE Harry's lover Sasha Walpole has revealed how the royal rang her house and spoke to her mum before the pair had sex.

The Sun exclusively revealed yesterday that Sasha, a now-40-year-old mum, was the woman who shared a secret romp with the Duke of Sussex 22 years ago.

The mum-of-two opened up after Harry spilled the details about losing his virginity in his bombshell book.

Sasha told of how the teenage pair shared a passionate five-minute moment while the royal’s security searched for him in a blue Ford Fiesta.

She also told of how Harry phoned her house and spoke to her mum before the couple shared they had sex in a field behind a pub.

Thinking back more than two decades, Sasha told of the first time the Prince rang her on the white, push-button landline.

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Her mum Lyn answered.

Sasha recalled: "Mum said, 'Harry’s on the phone'.

"Afterwards she asked: 'Was that HARRY?' I said: 'Yes!'.

"I remember her saying, 'Oh, how funny'."

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Sasha said that was the first of many phone calls she shared with the Prince, and she'd often have to hang up on him because other family members needed the phone.

Remembering what they chatted about, Sasha said: "Bits and bobs, nothing important, mates’ banter, horse talk, making plans mostly."

She recalled how in the months that followed, Harry seduced her at her 19th birthday party and signed her card with his secret code name.

However, that friendship all came crashing down after the pair shared their passionate moment in the field – Sasha said she hasn't spoken to Harry since.

Sasha, who has two children with husband Ian, also revealed why she lifted the lid on the romp after keeping it a secret for more than 20 years.

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