Prince Harry urged to ditch £100million Netflix deal after Diana's close pal quits The Crown

PRINCE Harry is being urged to ditch his £100million Netflix deal over The Crown’s portrayal of his mother — after her pal quit the series calling it “disrespectful”.

The Duke of Sussex was told to break his silence on the streaming giant’s controversial depiction of Princess Diana, despite his own big-money contract with them.

It came after Jemima Khan, 47, Diana’s close confidante, walked out of her advisory role on the show and demanded her name be removed from credits.

She said her friend’s story was not being “told as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped” and asked for her contributions to be cut from the show.

Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, has said: “Harry has remained absolutely silent about Netflix.

"He should tear the deal up and make a stand for his mother.

“What’s more important? Money or defending his mum? It’s astonishing he can’t find his voice on this.”

The Crown’s fifth series — screened in November next year — will focus on Diana’s final years before her death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

Her divorce from Prince Charles, relationships with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and businessman Dodi Fayed, and her shock BBC interview with Martin Bashir will all feature.

But Diana’s friends have frequently raised concerns over how she will be portrayed in the new series — in which she is played by Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki, 31.

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, said: “I don’t think Harry gets it. I presume when he did the deal with Netflix he didn’t think it through — but Meghan would have, she’s not an idiot.

“He talked about The Crown during his bus interview with James Corden, so he’s not totally oblivious.”

Netflix has also come under fire for Diana: The Musical, a separate show criticised as “degrading”.

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