Primark’s sell-out £1.50 skincare range is back in-store with a new spot-busting serum to fight ‘maskne’

WEARING a mask while out and about is a necessity these days, and while it may be a wardrobe staple it can wreak havoc on your skin. 

If you’ve been battling your break-outs without success, you’ll be pleased to hear Primark’s sell-out beauty range is back in stores – with a new serum to fight ‘maskne’. 

The department store has brought back its popular collaboration with beauty guru Alex Steinherr, which starts from just £1.50.

There are more than ten products in the updated collaboration, as well as beauty accessories including reusable make-up remove pads. 

Alongside the old favourites are three new products, Milky Softening Lotion, Anti Fatigue Wake Up Eye Roller and Anti Breakout Jelly Lotion.

Describing the latter, Primark said: “If pesky breakouts are your bugbear or dreaded maskne is making an appearance then give the Anti Breakout Jelly Lotion a go, it’s a clarifying serum that fights off blemishes and excess oil.”

Primark shared snaps of the updated range on social media, saying: “Our Alex Steinherr skincare collection is back.

“New additions to combat mask-wearing triggered breakouts or dryer skin due to the change in seasons.” 

Raving about the new range online, one fan said: “These are great! Plus no water / mess everywhere from washing your face.”

Another wrote: “I will definitely be adding to basket.”

Someone else commented: “So excited for this. Will you be bringing back the cleansing oil?”

While this person added: “So many these products are amazing happy it’s back.” 

As Primark doesn’t sell online, you’ll need to head down to your nearest store to get your hands on a bargain. 

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