Pests will stay out of your garden if you add a surprising kitchen standby to your mulch– it won't cost you more than $3

APPARENTLY, aluminum foil is a multi-purpose tool that can be used far beyond the kitchen.

Here are four ways that aluminum foil can be used in your spring gardening this year to make sure your plants grow up healthy and safe.


It's not uncommon for people to start growing their spring plants in smaller pots or compostable containers before transplanting them to the outdoors.

The experts at infotainment site HowStuffWorks broke down exactly how to start growing seedlings without a pot at all.

They claim all you need is a roll of aluminum foil.

First, they said to take the cardboard cylinder from the aluminum foil roll and cut it into three-inch pieces.

The experts added that any sort of cardboard tube, like from paper towel rolls or toilet paper, can work.

Next, they wrote: "Once you have all of your tubes individually cut, wrap the tubes with aluminum foil to keep the cardboard from falling apart when wet.

"Take your new 'pots' and closely pack in a waterproof tray or shallow pan."

Finally, they instructed readers to fill each tube with soil and seeds, water them appropriately, and watch them grow.

Once the seeds have sprouted, they can be transplanted to a preferred location.


There's very little worse than taking the time and energy to care for your plants and flowers just to have deer and other animals claim them as their dinner.

To avoid this, the experts at HowStuffWorks suggested wrapping the bases of plants and shrubs in aluminum foil.

For taller plants, they recommended wrapping them as high as your waist, since deer can simply ignore a small piece at the bottom.

Furthermore, Gardening Know How said the aluminum foil does not just help scare away hungry animals; it is supposed to help the plant grow full and healthy.

"When placed around the base of plants, aluminum foil refracts light up into the plant from the ground," the site reads.

"This helps cool the soil around plants, allowing it to retain more moisture. It also increases photosynthesis and, therefore, plant vigor."

Plus, the site recommended hanging aluminum foil balls from fruit trees or similar that attract birds.

Seems like a no-brainer!


Transferring seedlings and soil to bigger containers can be a bit messy, so HowStuffWorks recommended using aluminum foil as a funnel to prevent soil from spilling outside of its destination.

It's as simple as that.


Aluminum foil can be just as helpful with keeping insects and bugs away from your precious plants.

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HowStuffWorks said cutting aluminum foil into small strips and mixing it into soil can be an effective way to rid your plants of tiny critters without using harmful pesticides.

And if you're interested in learning more about gardening tips and tricks, an expert previously shared four ways to get your gardens ready for spring.

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