People say I should do something about my weight so I got the viral Skims dupe bodysuit – now I'm snatched | The Sun

A WOMAN who is constantly told she needs to do something about her weight has shown how snatched the viral Skims dupe bodysuit makes her.

Dem took to TikTok to share a video of herself wearing the black one-piece, which pulled her in and gave her a teeny waist.

"Men in my comments: 'You should really do something about your weight'," she wrote over the top.

"Me just wearing the Skims dupe viral body suit," she then added.

Dem added in the video caption: "Works so well."

People were quick to reassure Dem in the comments section, insisting she looked beautiful as she was.

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"No stop you're absolutely stunning !!!" one wrote.

"Ignore everyone who says different!"

"You know what you should do about your weight?????? SHOW IT OFF- you are beautiful," another said.

As a third added: "Ur figure is amazing. Ignore the haters."

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"You don’t need to lose weight!!!" someone else commented.

"Girl you are so perfect just as you are never ever change just so society approves, it can be a toxic world at times but keep shining beauty," another wrote.

"You're perfect the way you are you don’t need to change yourself to be like others every one is different and unique we all come in different shapes," someone else agreed.

"Love it but u shouldn’t change your appearance just because of some comments," another wrote.

To which Dem replied: "It’s not because of the comments but thank you."

"Girl you’re gorgeous, I’m sorry people are so bitter," someone else said.

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