Ordinary looking woman is hiding a ‘huge secret’ – and it’s left people absolutely stunned

TAKING people at face value can sometimes be a shock when you end up getting to know the real them. 

And Sarah, a TikTok influencer, certainly surprised her 63.5k followers when she shared her “huge secret”.

Speaking to her fans, she said: “Hello everybody, my name is Sarah and if you know me you know that I am hiding a massive secret.

“Do you want to see my secret?”

But what looked like a natural face, then turned into something unexpected.

After grabbing a face wipe, the TikTok star who goes by the name of @essexink, then started to wipe away at her forehead before revealing she had a face full of tattoos underneath. 


Some followers couldn’t believe their eyes, with one writing: “Wasn’t expecting that.”

A second wrote: “This is incredible.” 

And another expressed: “You're beautiful either way.”

A fourth said: “That’s some makeup skills tho. You look beautiful with makeup but I prefer without.”

Shocked by the perfect coverage, many followers were keen to know "where did she get this foundation from?"

At the end of the video she asked her followers if they prefer her with or without tattoos, which divided opinion.

One wrote: "Without."

And second expressed: "But why on the face… Why do people do this? They look nice actually but I personally wouldn't have them no matter how nice they look."

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