Nordstrom Just Stocked Kamala Harris’s Now-Famous Tory Burch Election Win Look

When Kamala Harris made history on November 7 she wore an outfit as iconic as the moment itself. Walking on stage for the first time as the first woman to be vice president, first woman of color to be vice president, first woman of South Asian descent to be vice president, first daughter of immigrants to be vice president, she wore a white suit with a silk pussy-bow blouse.

Kamala Harris Wearing Tory Burch Top

The look was unlike anything she had worn on the campaign trail, which only made her historic win more symbolic. The white pantsuit was a clear nod to women suffragists and the pussy-bow blouse to the working women of America. But in the past four years , starting with Hilary Clinton’s devastating defeat, while wearing her signature pantsuit and Melania Trump’s controversial pussy-bow blouse, worn days after Trump’s Access Hollywood tape scandal, the powerful pieces' meanings felt marred. On November 7, Harris reclaimed them. 

Tory Burch Tie Neck Silk Blouse Top 

tory burch tie neck silk blouse

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During her speech, Harris made a point that, while she will be the first woman in the White House, she won’t be the last. And so we might as all start stocking our closets with white pantsuits and pussy-bow blouses to dress the part. Harris’s suit was immediately revealed to be by none other than Carolina Herrera, but we just recently discovered that her blouse was by Tory Burch. Nordstrom also just happened to recently stock Harris’s exact tie-neck silk blouse top, which retails for $398.

The pussy-bow blouse of course looked incredible tucked under her blazer, and we can only hope she makes another appearance wearing it with her signature pair of Converse. And even if SNL could somehow recreate her election win look with minimal information in a mere couple of hours, the rest of us need some time to prepare. 

Thankfully the exact option is still in stock, although it’s bound to sell out soon given that it’s now a part of history. Tory Burch also currently has some other tie-bow tops available on Nordstrom, including one that’s on sale. For those who maybe didn’t have a pussy-bow blouse line in their budget for this month, there are also plenty of non-Tory Burch options for under $100.

As we all await the end of the worst year ever, it’s safe to say we’re eagerly looking forward to the change 2021 will hopefully bring, especially after January 20. In a new year that’s bound to be filled with even more seminal firsts, Harris’s wardrobe will surely match the moment. And we’re very much looking forward to emulating it.

Shop Kamala Harris’s iconic Tory Burch pussy-bow blouse and other similar options below. 

tory burch tie neck silk blouse

Tory Burch Tie Neck Silk Blouse Top

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