My neighbour’s dogs have ruined my house – I’m on medication for stress & I’ve got a short-term rental just to get away | The Sun

PLENTY of us have experienced the dreaded nightmare neighbour at some point in our lives, but for one woman this has almost destroyed her mental health.

The anonymous woman shared the story to Mumsnet, in a now deleted thread, to ask if perhaps she was overreacting or if her reaction was completely warranted.

In the post, she explained how her neighbours own five dogs that are almost constantly out in the garden barking, and the barking even gets worse when she goes and sits outside in her own garden.

She added that she’s spoken to the neighbours multiple times about this nuisance, but nothing has changed, even after she wrote them a letter telling them exactly what was going on.

The woman says that the constant barking has left her mentally drained and that she’s been having regular panic attacks and is now on antidepressants over this.

"I haven't eaten properly in about a week, I have a panic attack whenever I hear them barking. I'm actually moving into an Airbnb tomorrow because I can't be in our house anymore," the anonymous woman wrote.

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"Tried two different antidepressants, and they don't help. I'm not even sure it's a good idea to take them when there's a specific and obvious cause of the depression/anxiety.

"At the moment, the solution we're looking at is for me to literally move out and just come home to cook meals and spend a couple of hours with DS [darling son] each evening. Which is just ridiculous. Help?"

Fellow Mumsnet users were rather sympathetic in the comments, stating that the woman was not being unreasonable with her upset at the barking dogs.

One user wrote: “If the dogs' behaviour is continuing, speak to your local dog warden, or your local councillor. Our dog warden jumps on that pretty quickly so you may get support.

"If the issue has stopped and it is purely your anxiety which makes you want to move, consider CBT or counselling to help you get past this

"Moving out seems drastic and not really addressing the problem – it could go on indefinitely. Hope you feel better."

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Another user also sympathised with the woman, but said: “Unfortunately, I would say (from experience) your only option is to move.

"Also from experience, I would say council involvement will be a useless waste of your time and mental energy. We moved and it was definitely the right thing to do for us.”

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