My daughter’s too selfish to be a mom so I’ve ended up having two more kids to carry on the family name

A WOMAN’s seemingly innocent post to Facebook has revealed one of the key issues between Generation X and those who are much younger. 

The person, who claimed to be a Gen Xer, complained that her Millenial daughter refused to have children – so she took it upon herself and had two more children to carry on the family name.

It’s no secret that Millenials are having kids at a slower rate than their parents.

An op-ed by Millenial Gina Tomaine for Philadelphia Magazine explained why this is happening amongst her peers.

“The number of babies born in the United States in 2018 was the lowest in 32 years.

“None of this should really come as a surprise,” she wrote.

“Millennials … look at the world differently than our parents did. 

“Every step of the way, my generation has questioned the conventional paths our parents took, opting instead to try to build a future that’s more in line with what we value, what we believe to be better.”

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This new way of thinking hasn’t won over the parents of Millenials, though, and one woman became so frustrated with her daughter that she took matters into her own hands.

“I’m Gen X, and I have a huge problem with how I am left carrying the weight for Millenials,” a screenshot of a Facebook post shared to Twitter read.

The 42-year-old woman went on to explain that her 22-year-old daughter decided she does not want to have kids and plans to get sterilized in the near future.

The post continued: “But those souls needing to come into our family for ancestral or karmic reasons still need to be born.

“So I’m stuck birthing and raising two babies who should have been born to her but can’t be because she’s too selfish to have kids.”

The rant sparked a huge debate about sterilization and having kids, while others complained about Millenials feeling like they can never win.

“As a Millenial, it's exhausting that we're STILL getting blamed for everything,” one user stated.

“Millennials are killing the ‘Have a baby and use their existence to distract you from your problems’ industry,” a second person tweeted.

Another sympathizer admitted she had been getting asked about having kids since she was 18-years-old.

A fourth user noted that a 22-year-old is actually from Generation X, but regardless, it’s not anyone’s obligation to have a kid.

However, if anyone is thinking about having a child, there is plenty of parenting advice available online, from how to get fussy kids to eat to always getting your way, even when a kid talks back.

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