My 10-year-old is so rich she already has a huge collection of handbags & jewellery…she loves gold leaf prawns & Harrods | The Sun

WHILE many 10-year-olds will typically play with dolls or read books, one lucky little one has a slightly different, more unique, lifestyle. 

Emily Abraham, 45, is a mum-of-three from London, who is known on social media as the 'Billionaire's Wife.'

Her youngest daughter, 10, has a very glamorous lifestyle – with her free time spent shopping in Harrods and eating her favourite food, gold leaf wasabi prawns.

Emily’s daughter is known as the ‘Billionaire’s Daughter’ and her parents, Emily and her husband Adam Abraham, 36, own a pre-loved designer store Love Luxury, in Knightsbridge.

Emily spends her days running the company and explained that her daughter loves to get involved too.

As a result, the Billionaire’s Daughter loves all things luxury – including designer bags and fine jewellery.

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Emily told Fabulous: “My daughter’s favourite thing to wear is her Yeezy 350 trainers.

“She has a special collection of designer handbags and fine jewellery, the majority of which are family heirlooms. 

“She loves handbags and has such a great knowledge of them already that she’s picked up when she’s spent time in the store.

“She loves to be involved in the business and is so interested in designer fashion now.

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“Like most 10-year-olds she loves food and sweets but she has also developed quite a refined palate.

“She loves seafood and her favourite food is gold leaf wasabi prawns.

“We love to visit Harrods together to pick out special outfits, she does love Zara too.”

Emily is active on her TikTok account,, and her daughter too has caught the attention of many online.

Emily explained: “My daughter has been performing for us since before she could talk so the TikTok is just an extension of that. 

“She loves to perform and be in front of the camera and dreams of being on the big stage when she’s older.

“She has started to get recognised a lot when we’re out and about which she was really embarrassed about at first but everyone is so friendly and nice that it's actually a lovely part of the success of our TikTok account.

“People watch us on TikTok and come by when they’re in London to see us – we’ve had people from all over the world pop in to say hi which feels strange to know people from as far as China and the US know who we are, but everyone is so lovely.”

Emily explained that while her daughter loves going on luxury holidays, she also enjoys taking part in extracurricular activities with her school friends too.

She added: “As well as dance classes she’s also on her school’s football team which she really enjoys.

“We never visit the same place twice when we take holidays. 

“I want my family to experience all that the world has to offer so we make sure we go to as many different places as possible, she does particularly love the Greek Islands though.”

When it comes to Emily and her luxury buys, she explained that she loves cars, designer shoes and of course, handbags.

She said: “Last week I treated my husband to a Mercedes G63, although I do most of the driving whilst he’s working in the passenger seat so it was secretly more of a gift to myself.

“Designer shoes are my passion, I have a particular love for Louboutin!

“I’ve been collecting designer shoes for more than twenty years, they’re priceless to me!

“Bags are more of an investment so I tend to use one bag every day and keep the rest of them in pristine condition. 

“My go to everyday bag is my Hermes Birkin 25 which retails at £7.5k if you’re lucky enough to be able to get one.” 

Although the family’s social media experience has been very positive, Emily explained that there is a dark side to being online.

She noted: “Trolling is just a really sad part of having a high following on social media.

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“It can be really upsetting but we’re lucky enough that we have so many amazing followers and get so many lovely comments too. 

“I know other parents might look at me and think I spoil her but they don’t see all of the hard work we put in behind the scenes.” 

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