Mums are going mad for Asda’s £3 rainbow bath bombs that make kids want to get in the tub – The Sun

BATH TIME can go either way for little kids – they either love it or totally loathe it.

Sadly for the latter bunch, bathing is non-negotiable – although there are ways to get your little ones excited about jumping in the tub.

One mum who nabbed a rainbow bath bomb from Asda reckons the cheap as chips product is the key to getting kids excited about getting in the bath.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the woman said: "I’ve seen lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram advertising the rainbow bath bombs but they’re crazy expensive.

"I found these in Asda for £3 each also on the 3 for 2 offer and they’re great my kids love them!"

She included a photo and video of the bathbomb in action, releasing an exciting rainbow of colours in the tub.

The bath bomb looks just like Lush's Snowman Dreaming bars, which also release rainbow foaming bubbles as they dissolve.

But Lush's version is £3.50, while you can get three for two at Asda, working out at £2 each.

People reckon the savvy mum who shared the post was on to something, with hundreds of people liking and commenting.

One person said: "Oh saw these today didn’t know they were rainbow but they smelt lovely."

A second added: "The kids would love these!!!"

A third chimed in: "I bought these for my children for Christmas! Lovely to see how well they work. We were contemplating doing a lush order but it adds up when there’s 5 of you."

Another person tagged a friend, writing: "Omg look at these. We saw these the other day, I’ll b getting a few."

While someone else said: "I like the look of this! Stocking filler."

Offering up advice, someone else said: "Put the bath bomb in a bit more water next time, most of them usually spin around once they start fizzing and the colours go everywhere. Satisfying to watch!"

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