Lady Gaga Says Her Most Controversial Outfit to Date Was "Thrilling to Wear"

Lady Gaga Reflects on Wearing the Meat Dress 11 Years Later

Lady Gaga has worn too many memorable looks to count over the years, but there was nothing quite like the raw meat dress she donned at the VMAs back in 2010. Over a decade after the red carpet appearance, the House of Gucci actress takes us back to the moment in a recent video for British Vogue. As she describes her “life in looks,” Gaga reflected on the controversial dress designed by Franc Fernandez, explaining how it came to fruition and how she feels about it today.

“It was thrilling to wear,” she shared, adding that contrary to popular belief, the dress was actually a garment, with a corset sewn to the meat. The idea was originally introduced by makeup artist Val Garland, who shared with Gaga that she had attended a party once wearing sausages. “I thought this was quite funny and I said, ‘Well that’s a great way to make sure that everybody leaves you alone at a party,'” she said.

While it was fun to wear, the singer also knew she wanted to make a political statement at the VMAs, as a protest against the repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which forced LGBT military service members to hide their sexuality. “We decided to do the meat dress because I thought to myself, ‘If you were willing to die for your country, what does it matter how you identify?'” she shared in the video.

It may have been 11 years since she wore the infamous meat dress, but it’s clear her wardrobe choice has made a lasting impact. Ahead, take a look at Gaga’s meat dress from 2010 and watch the star chat about her most iconic looks.

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