Kates style trick to invoke authority, structure and dependability

Kate Middleton's style tips revealed

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Kate Middleton has taken on a new role of responsibility since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, now holding the titles of the Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. Many of her style choices moving forwards will be symbolic of her new authority and status within the Royal Family, but there is one style choice she has been making for some time that draws a direct link with Queen Elizabeth II.

Miranda Holder, who is known for her viral TikTok style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder ‘Your Feel Good Fashion Coach’ explained why Kate often wears one of her “favourite” colours.

She explained: “Kate’s favourite colour, the most frequent colour that she wears is blue.

“A bit like the Queen. That’s no mistake. that’s perfectly appropriate.”

The fashionable choice is not just to do with liking the colour blue, but to do with the colour psychology behind the shade.

Miranda continued: “Blue invokes authority, structure and dependability.

“People wearing blue automatically feel more trustworthy and you feel more loyal towards them.

“It’s why lots of medical professionals wear blue. You feel at ease and trusting of their presence.

“It all goes in with the royal status, and also it gives you great calm and peace of mind.

“For example, if you want to concentrate a bit more they say be surrounded by blue or wear some blue because actually, it will help you concentrate and be calm and clear about what you’re doing.”

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In 2012, Vogue conducted a year-long study of the Queen’s outfits, discovering that blue was her most worn colour, with blue outfits making up 29 percent of her wardrobe.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall has similarly been photographed many times over the years wearing various shades of blue.

In June of this year, she stepped out in a beautiful periwinkle structured coat dress for the Order of the Garter Service at St George’s Chapel.

She completed the outfit with a small blue hat, an azure clutch bag and dark blue heels.

Kate has also been known to wear the shade while overseas on state visits.

While visiting Canada in 2016, the Duchess wore a blue knee-length dress from designer Jenny Packham, complete with two maple leaf details as a nod to the hosting nation.

For the occasion, she borrowed the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf brooch and paid homage to the country’s emblem with some maple leaf details on her hat.

According to Miranda, Kate suits deeper hues of blue such as those she wore during her Canadian visit.

Miranda said: “Kate will suit autumnal colours. She definitely suits and lovely rich, warm deep tones.”

However, her choice to wear blue for an overseas visit was not simply down to her suiting the shade but was a move learned from Her Majesty.

Miranda explained: “The Royal Family are absolute masters at diplomatic dressing and sending messages through their clothing, which the Queen taught them.

“She was the very first one to absolutely master the art of it and made it into an art form during her reign.

“She’s left this legacy behind her that the other royals can only hope to get to similar levels of just how adept she was at doing it.

“She was fantastic at making everyone feel welcome and loved it acknowledged, so they have a hard act to follow.”

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