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A CHILDCARE expert has taken to Instagram to reveal how parents can help their newborn fall asleep in seconds using one simple trick. 

A child psychologist shared how rocking your baby in large semi-circles could be the answer if they're struggling to get their little one to sleep. 

Experts at @babysleep_solutions regularly share parenting and sleep tips with their 50,800 followers. 

In a new Instagram reel, one of their team is seen lifting a newborn baby towards her chest, before placing one of her hands at the top of his back and the other supporting his bottom and legs. 

She then slowly rocks him in a deep semi-circle. As she does, the child instantly stops crying and appears to begin to fall asleep. 

Below the video, she shared some other sleep tips for new parents, adding: “Your baby may be able to get through the day in a better mood with a longer nap, but short naps are still beneficial!


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“Also, it's normal for a baby to sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time between 4-6 months.”

Fans loved the parenting expert’s hack, with the video gaining more than 19,441 likes and 1.1 million views. 

Although not all were convinced by this technique, with another commenting: “This doesn’t look safe or calming on any level.”

Someone else put: “Newborns need to be swaddled to feel safe and secure.”

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She’s not the only one sharing her tips online – Laura took to TikTok to share her ten top tips for parenting trying to nail potty training one and for all. 

Laura, known online as @nannyamies, has been helping potty train children for two decades, and regularly shares parenting tips online. 

In a new reel, she shared a range of tips including: “You’re going to need a basket. There are very specific items that I personally put into a basket. 

“This is basically going to become your potty training basket.

“Then place the basket near the potty, and it’s going to become a novelty that is only to be explored when they are sat on the potty. 

“Next up, make sure you’ve researched potty training methods. 

“Yep, there are different ways that you can potty train….make a plan. 

“My next tip is something that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with potty training, because potty training can be stressful and quite daunting. 

“But make it fun! 

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“Your child is more likely to get on board with this journey if they’re having fun.” 

Fans loved her tips, with the video gaining more than 1,300 likes and 37,400 views.

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