I’m in my 50s – ‘Karens’ tell me to ‘dress my age’ but they need to mind their own business | The Sun

AN ARIZONA native is hitting back at the 'Karen' brigade who shame women for refusing to dress in an age-appropriate way.

She took to her platform to address the haters directly and her followers have backed her all the way.

TikToker Holly Rawlings (@hollyrawlings70) is someone who flouts all the fashion expectations commonly applied to a woman in her fifties.

Holly refuses to adopt sensible shoes, loose trousers, or a comfortable, shapeless jersey just because of her age.

More importantly, she will not be told what to wear by the ‘Karens’ of this world.

If you’ve got the body, flaunt it, and Holly has worked hard to be gym toned.

In her post, she is dressed in a body-skimming skirt, matched with a skimpy bikini-like top.

Her washboard stomach is on display, and her halter neck teasingly reveals some lower boob; it's all carried it off with aplomb.

The video is captioned: “To the ‘Karen’ in my comments that has made it clear that this 51-year-old woman should ‘dress my age’. You’re welcome.”

The 'Karens' were never going to get away with body shaming Holly.

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Holly made clear she would not put be putting up with any more of their negativity or nonsense.

“Mind your own business or get off my page,” she said with bucketloads of attitude.

As far as was concerned, there were no dress codes: “I don’t follow the rules,” she said.

“I work hard and love my body regardless of what anyone says,” was her battle cry to 'Karens' everywhere.

Comments to her post loved her body confidence and age defiance.

There was no time for body haters: “Gotta love Karens,” said one, while another said: “Mind your own business Karens.”

Nothing wrong with you said this fan: “You’re absolutely gorgeous stunning and sexy.”

Ignore them was the view of many: “You’re beautiful and f*ck the haters. They don’t like it, keep scrolling.”

Similarly: “You are adorable. Please don’t let the negative bother you,” and, “Don't listen to them. You are rocking it.”

Don’t hide away: “That’s right. Get it, girl. You look amazing, screw the haters.”

Another follower said: “Sexy sexy mama. You dress how you want, looks great.”

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Body shamers are just green with envy said this fan: “You go, girl. She is just jealous.”

Finally, this viewer had no problems: “Stunningly gorgeously beautiful woman, would not trade for two 25-year-olds.”

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