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AN INTERIOR fan has shared his top five tips to instantly make a home look much more expensive.

Interior whizz Preston Konrad is an entrepreneur and founder of Preston Konrad Home, a luxury home fragrance, as well as founder of Kennett Creative Co., a brand specialising in strategic brand storytelling.

He has an impressive 517.9k followers and 6.6million likes on TikTok and describes himself as a ‘TV Style Guy’. 

The self-proclaimed ‘your lifestyle helping hand’ recently took to the video sharing platform to share his simple tips on how to make your home look more expensive.

He advised: “Ok, there are five things that you can do right now, to make your house look more expensive and a bit more interior designed.

“Number one is to layer your rugs.

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“When I worked for Ralph Lauren, we had to do this in all of the stores that we designed.

“It adds texture, dimension and makes a house look a bit more curated.

“I don’t love when they’re super symmetrical, I like them a bit uneven or on an angel.

“Number two, replace the boob light.

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“Just search for flush mount or semi flush mount lighting and if you’re a renter, take down the boob, put up your light and replace it before you leave.

“Number three, is a great set of Roman shades.

“I did this in my house and I found them on Wayfair and they were super affordable.

“It’s perfect for a room with a shorter ceiling or a window that isn’t super dramatic.

“Number four, mix up the textures in your living spaces.

“This is a designer's favourite, so vintage, leather, wood, concrete, you want that look that’s like ‘oh there’s nothing to see here, just this vintage 1800s milk bowl’.

“And last but not least, mix up your frames.

“These certainly shouldn’t match if you want that curated, designer look.

“Try mixing in vintage, wood, black gallery frames and I even like throwing in an object to the mix to make it feel really special.” 

Preston’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.2 million views.

It has 179.1k likes, 870 comments and 6,687 shares.

Social media users appreciated Preston’s tips and were eager to reflect this in the comments.

One person said: “Finally a designer that isn’t telling us to throw our house away 🤣” 

Another added: “This was actually soo helpful without shaming any style. Loved this!” 

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A third commented: “This is really wonderful advice.”

Whilst someone else noted: “I’ll be layering my living room rug now 😂”

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