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ONCE you've learned the "rules" of tipping etiquette, you might not be thinking about gratuities when you book a salon visit.

But when you get your hair cut, colored, or styled, you need to account for an additional expense in the budget, one etiquette expert said.

Suzy Lins is an etiquette consultant who has 208k followers on TikTok. Also the author of a children's book on etiquette, Lins is a pro at breaking down complex etiquette topics for easy understanding.

In one video, Lins addresses an area of etiquette that's often a source of confusion. "Let's talk about tipping at the hair salon," she said as an introduction.

Tipping at a hair salon is a bit different than tipping at a restaurant or nail salon. At first, it seems simple enough, Lins explained.

"It's customary to tip your hairstylist anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the total bill," Lins said.


I’m an etiquette coach – how much you should really tip at the nail salon

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If your stylist goes above and beyond to bring your vision to work, it's a kindness to tip more, and if you aren't satisfied with the service, you can give a gratuity that's closet to the low end of the scale.

But unlike other beauty professionals, hairstylists don't always work alone.

Whether you're getting a haircut or enlisting your stylist's expertise before a big event, you need to remember their team members when you're budgeting.

"If they have an assistant or a shampoo person who helps them, it's nice to tip them as well," Lins said.

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As a general rule, you should tip anyone who works on your hair, whether they're providing a shampoo or helping the main stylist with an elaborate cut.

You should budget between $3 and $5 for any assistants on your stylist's team. If you're visiting a new salon for the first time, bring an extra $5 bill just in case you encounter an assistant.

Remember, that additional tip is on top of the 15 to 20 percent you should be tipping your main stylist.

One current hairstylist weighed in, leaving a comment on Lins's video with an addendum to the rule.

"Color shampoos with toner take extra time," the stylist advised. "So tip around $7 to $15 max."

If your dye job requires a purple toning shampoo or a more time-intensive rinse agent, give a little extra money.

You can also consider whether tips are pooled among staff. Often, this is indicated on a salon's website. When that's the case, you can add a little extra money to the gratuity at the end of your visit.

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And when in doubt, just ask, Lins reminded viewers – the staff should be happy to give you information.

"If you're not sure how much to tip the assistant, I suggest asking your hair stylist what the appropriate amount should be," Lins said.

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