I'm a young mum & constantly get 'dirty' looks for not dressing up but when I make an effort it’s a different story

A YOUNG mum has shared her story on TikTok about constantly getting ''dirty'' looks when she doesn't wear make-up while taking her baby for some fresh air.

The 22-year-old uploaded the video on social media, where it's already been seen by more than 111,000 users.

According to her, whenever she goes out for a walk in comfortable joggers and a sweatshirt, bypassers give her dirty looks.

''Other mums don't say hello.''

The TikTok mum speculated it could be because she looks very young when not wearing foundation and other make-up and the short height doesn't help either.


''But it’s not an excuse to be mean!''

However, it was then revealed that it's a completely different story once she gets ready, wears make-up and a more dressy outfit.

''People stop and chat to your about your baby, people smile and be nice?''

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It appears that this is a common issue amongst mums, as others told the same story.

''Yep, but my partner can dress however he likes when he has the baby and people don’t bat an eyelid cos he’s a bloke.''

''I get this aged 34 lol,'' another added.

Some mums didn't think it was that much of a problem, with one writing: ''Yes & that’s why I continue to look rough when I go out, don’t want anyone to chat to me.''

''As a 26yo mum of a 4mo. I genuinely couldn’t care less,'' a user thought.

''It’s really sad that people judge so much.''

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