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A VET TECHNICIAN has revealed what they really think of certain dog breeds – and which is the most over-dramatic. 

Amber, known online as @amber_elalem, shared that corgis are a fan favourite, while german shepherds and huskies can be a little unpredictable. 

In a new TikTok video, she said: “What your vet staff really thinks about your dog breeds.” 

First up, Amber shares her thoughts on corgis, adding: “If you come in with one of these guys, we’re all probably going to ask you if we can take a picture with them because they are so cute. 

“I can honestly tell you I never get over seeing corgis because they’re super adorable. 

“They’re not the best for blood draws. 


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Next up are huskies. 

The animal expert continued: “If you come in with one of these guys, I promise we’re not hurting them. 

“Nothing we’re doing is hurting them, I promise they’re just being overdramatic.”

Amber then goes on to share her thoughts on doberdanes, which are a cross between a dobermann and a great dane. 

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“If you come in with one of these big babies, they do not know how big they are, and when I bring them back out to you and you see them dragging me along, just know I’m totally okay with it.”

The vet also shared her thoughts on the popular German shepherd, commenting: “If you come in with one of these guys, just know we’re probably going to be a little apprehensive at first just because they are a little unpredictable. 

“But the appointment is probably going to end with them getting a lot of treats, maybe some cheese, maybe some peanut butter. 

“Overall, ten out of ten good boy.”

Finally, she reveals what vets are really thinking when they spot a French bulldog in the waiting room.

She added: “If you come in with one of these, they’re probably going to bounce around and be a little hard to handle because they are so excited.”

Fans loved her honesty, with the video gaining more than 3.2 million likes and 16.6 million views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their thoughts, with one writing: “The German Shepherd was accurate as hell. it's like they need 30min to chill out and accept all the love.”

“My husky is so dramatic like girl we went outside for five minutes why are you screaming,” another said. 

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A third wrote: “My corgi loves going the vet because he’s a ham and he loves the attention.”

Someone else put: “Me with my Great Dane constantly apologizing for her dragging people around.”

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