I’m a short gym girl – I'm too small for some of the equipment, the struggle is real but men think it's 'cute' | The Sun

A DIMINUTIVE girl, who encountered difficulties at the gym, has come up with her own novel solution.

The fitness fan was not about to be put off by such inconveniences.

Quit does not even exist in Melimmart's (@melimmart) vocabulary.

She described herself in her post as: “Self-sufficient, independent and innovative is where I stand.”

She certainly lived up to her expectations when she encountered her problem at the gym.

In her post, Melimmart demonstrated what she had to put up with when trying to use pieces of equipment.

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She got on a bench press and attempted to reach for the handles.

Even on tippy toes, she couldn't grasp them.

A voice over explained, with captions: “Short girl gym problems.”

This wasn't some adorable display for Melimmart: “The struggle is real," she said.

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So, she came up with the easiest of solutions.

At her feet, she placed a couple of loose weights, and used these to raise her height just a little bit more.

“Try this instead," she suggested, and it made all the difference.

A delighted Melimmart said: “Doing what I have to do in order to get things done. I hope this helps.”

It certainly did, and over 13,000 liked her post.

Comments loved her idea, with one fan saying: “I think it’s cute.”

She motivated others: “You are an inspiration to many.”

One follower had an idea why she struggled: “Gyms are designed for men!” she said.

But the general conclusion was it was a great idea: “Love the creativity," said this viewer.

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