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FOR beauty fans, Sephora is a treasure trove of the best skincare and makeup products out there.

But according to one former employee, there are a few things you should definitely keep in mind when shopping at the store.

A beauty influencer named Sarah Palmyra shared in a video the three things she'll never do at Sephora after working there.

First, she said she won't ever use the makeup remover or cotton pads the store provides to sample makeup.

She explained: "My job was to refill the makeup remover and add more cotton rounds when we close…

"And never once did we actually clean the container the cotton rounds went in or sanitize the container the makeup remover went in…

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"There was just no time for that so think of the bacteria."

Palmyra then said she will no longer buy a foundation color-matched in-store without checking it out in natural lighting, thanks to Sephora's fluorescent lights.

Finally, Palmyra says to skip out on the mini products near the cash register if you don't want to waste your money.

"I will no longer buy any of the minis that they sell by the cash register," she said.

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"These are really cute for the aesthetic but they're terrible value and usually not worth the money."

In other Sephora secrets, a superfan named Anife Toupeva shared her secret to getting a $100 gift card for free using the store's rewards program.

She explained: "Every Tuesday and Thursday, they update their Rewards Bazaar with cool new items but they also upload this."

She then pointed out that Sephora uploads a $100 gift card to their rewards page.

Additionally, another ex-Sephora employee shared the little-known store policy that can save you a lot of money on items you don’t want.

Maddiebwells, a former employee at the beauty chain, said the policy works – even if items are used.

She said many TikTokers are unaware that purchases can be returned to Sephora even if they have been opened and gently used.

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She specified the item you want to return cannot be more than 33% used, however.

The Sun reached out to Sephora for comment but has not gotten a response at time of writing.

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