I’m a Primark superfan and here’s my £200 haul – I loved it all but one outfit did make me look like a Scooby-Doo extra | The Sun

A KEEN bargain hunter has taken to TikTok to share her first impressions of everything she got in her huge £200 Primark haul – and people are loving her honesty. 

Demi Yates, known online as @notsobigd, regularly shares beauty and fashion tips with her 245,000 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator filmed herself trying on everything she bought during a recent trip to the Westwood Cross Primark store – including a cardigan and trouser combo that made her look like an extra in the cartoon Scooby-Doo.

She said: “I’m challenging myself to try on £200 worth of Primark stuff whilst I’m on my period and feel really good about myself. 

“I’ve come to Grandma’s to do it because she makes me feel like a 10.” 

First, she tries on a pair of pink flared leggings. 


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“These trousers were £7. Am I ever going to wear them? Probably not, but because they’re £7 I just bought them. 

“I also got this really nice little belt. It’s quite cool together.” 

Next up is a purple double-breasted blazer and matching flared trousers. 

She said: “Well what in the Emily in Paris do I look like? 

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“These trousers are really long. Grandma really likes this one. 

“But do you know what I bought to put underneath which I thought would look quite cool? A little sequinned number. 

“I also bought them in pink and black because they were £4 each. 

“I actually really like this. This is nice. We like.”

Demi then changes into a knitted green cardigan and coordinating skirt. 

“This is giving Scooby-Doo, but I really like this cardi. 

“Again, I wouldn’t really wear this together, but this is nice. 

“I look like a child’s TV presenter. It is a nice skirt through.” 

The content creator then tries on a pair of black tweed shorts and a long-sleeve corset-style top. 

She said: “Probably wouldn’t wear these together, but I got these little shorts which are cute…and then this really nice top and it sort of angles down your pouch. 

“Could cover my little period bloat. 

“But this is very comfy.”

She also picked up the viral cargo min-skirt in khaki, currently available online and in-store for £12. 

“I got a cargo skirt but I actually really like this skirt. 

“This is nice. It doesn’t look too bad with this top. 

“I like that more than I thought I was going to actually. Nice.”

Demi also picked up a velour pyjama set, decorated with The Powerpuff Girls. 

“These are the best pyjamas, look. 

“I would be Buttercup all day. 

“What about the period bloat? It’s comfiest in these.” 

Finally, Demi changes into a tie-dye mesh midi dress, priced at £18. 

She adds: “We like this one. With the belt.” 

She also picked up three bodysuits in bright blue, green and pink, costing just £7. 

Fans loved Demi’s honest try-on, with the video gaining more than 31,000 likes and 494,000 views. 

In the comments, the content creator’s followers shared their thoughts on her bargain haul, with one writing: “You look so lovely in all those, my personal issue w sequins, they irritate my arms if they're not covered. Thank you for normalising the bloat.”

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Another said: “Purple is YOUR colour.”

A third added: “You know if you feel good in clothes on your period then you’re onto a winner.”

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