I’m a mum-of-12 and when people see my laundry process it makes them want to cry – my house is always covered in clothes | The Sun

NO MATTER how many kids you have laundry is always a massive chore.

But for this mum-of-12 the piles of clothes have completely taken over her house and sorting them all out seems endless.

Alicia Dougherty, from New York, and her husband Josh often share snippets of their family life on social media.

But it was a clip she posted the the family's TikTok account which left users feeling sorry for the busy mum.

In the video, Alicia can be seen with four huge baskets crammed with clothes.

One by one she digs through the mix of clothes, sorting everything out into piles.


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Unsurprisingly, the family-of-14 have a lot of clothes between them, so sorting, washing, and then folding everything is a mammoth task.

Alicia spent over four hoursgoing through the baskets, and things got much worse before they got any better.

In fact, by the time everything was sorted in to individual piles for each member of the family the mum's floor was covered in a thick blanket of laundry.

Fellow TikTok users couldn't believe Alicia was left to sort through everything on her own.

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One wrote: "You're telling me there are 28 hands in that house and only yours work?"

A second agreed: "Why don't the older kids do their own laundry? They will do always have someone to do it for them."

"I'm never complaining about my family-of-four ever again," one mum quipped.

Others praised the mum's dedication, one said: "I don't know how you do it, rock star!"

Another said: "Oh my god I could never have this much patience."

"You are a god send, I would need three professional massages a day to get through all that laundry," someone else wrote.

And one user said: "I got tired from watching, imagine how you felt!"

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