I'm a hairstylist and there are three looks you should avoid if you're over 40 – blunt fringes make you look way older | The Sun

CHANGING your hairstyle is a big deal no matter your age.

But what's trendy might not always be the best choice, especially as you get older.

For women over 40 it can be tempting to chop off your locks and sport a shorter style.

But even though these cuts can look stylish there are some that can make you look way older than you really are, according to one hair expert.

Thick fringe

Nothing makes a statement quite like a fringe, but as you age a blunt, thick fringe can be less than flattering.

Speaking to She Finds Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist from The Right Hairstyle, revealed that this particular style can highlight fine lines and wrinkles.


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Not only that, but the blunt edge of the fringe doesn't "frame the face well" and can add years onto your look.

Instead, opt for wispy curtain bangs for a more flattering style that's timeless and can give a more youthful appearance.

Spiky pixie cut

It common for hair to thin as you age, so it can be tempting to go for a short style, like a pixie cut, to try and make it appear fuller.

But according to Ghanima this style can actually make hair appear even thinner, especially if it's a more spikey cut.

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The spiky style is also bad news if you dye your hair, since it will show of your scalp and new growth more than other shorter cuts.

The hair pro recommends adding a side-swept fringe to pixie styles to draw attention to the cheekbones and away from the scalp.

And rather than spiking the hair up, angle it in large sections to help hide any thinning.

Long, blunt bob

A long bob is a great option if you're not ready to commit to a more dramatic, shorter hairstyle.

The only problem is if your long bob is all one length it can look dull and lifeless, even if it's been your go-to hairstyle for years.

To update the look, try adding in some layers and making the bob asymmetrical for a much more youthful take.

"As you get older and your hair gets thinner, long hair isn't what it once was," the pro explained, so adding layers will create the dimension it needs to look fuller.

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