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FINDING mould and damp in your home is any homeowner's worst nightmare – it can not only be costly but unsightly, too.

And with the cost-of-living crisis affecting households up and down the country, many can't afford to fork out on dehumidifiers that they may have relied on previously.

But luckily, there's a very simple and cheap alternative solution.

According to gardening expert Chris Bonnett, from GardeningExpress.co.uk, choosing the right houseplant can actually help to reduce mould by reducing the moisture levels in the air – all while making an eye-catching addition to your home.

He notes that the perfect bathroom plant is one which adapts well to changes in temperature, is great at absorbing moisture and doesn't need much sunlight to flourish.

Here, he reveals the best four plants for the job…

Peace Lilies

For anyone who may find themselves battling with the issue of mould in their bathroom, then look no further.


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According to Chris, peace lilies are the perfect solution due to their ability to flourish in humid environments.

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He goes on to say that peace lilies use their leaves to soak up moisture from the air and don't need direct sunlight to thrive, making them the ideal option for small bathrooms.

However, he warns that pet owners must ensure these plants are kept out of reach as they can be toxic to animals.

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Similarly to Peace Lilies, Chris points out that Palms also have leaves which are designed to absorb moisture.

For this reason, he notes that they're the perfect addition to help keep humidity at bay.

As for which ones to choose from, there's plenty of choice – including Areca palms, bamboo palms, lady palms, dwarf date palms and reed palms.

Snake plants

According to Chris, snake plants are renowned for being tough and can easily adapt to any environment.

They also flourish in sunlight and warmer temperatures, making them perfect to sit in front of a window.

English Ivy

Chris goes on to explain that air plants are a great option to help prevent mould.

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He specifically recommends Tillandsia – noting that it doesn't need to be potted in soil.

Instead, he says their aerial roots soak up the humidity from steamy air – making them the go-to plant to place next to your shower.

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