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FROM the turkey and stuffing to crispy roast potatoes,

Let's face it, quite often our mouths are bigger than our bellies and the fridges are still brimming with leftover meat and veg for days to come.

While many get innovative and turn additional food into anything from turkey curries to bubble and squeak, there's one major factor to consider.

Did you know what leftovers from your festive feast should be eaten within a very specific time frame?

Chef Anna Williams warns that all food should be eaten within three to four days of it being stocked, the Daily Record reports.

So if you overestimated your quantities when doing your Christmas food shop and still have some in the fridge come New Year's Eve, then it's time to say goodbye.


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Going by this theory, the last day you should be tucking into the festive remains is today.

"Make sure to eat the leftovers within 3-4 days, so a good rule of thumb is before New Year's," Anna says.

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"If you don’t think you will eat it in that time, freeze on the day of making to try and lock in as much nutritive content as possible."

Anna also warns not to store hot food into a cold fridge because it can encourage bacteria growth.

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"The important thing to remember is to make sure food is refrigerated within 2 hours to prevent bacteria growth," she explains.

"But hot food should be brought down to room temperature to prevent your fridge over working and potentially spoiling other food items."

She goes on to say that leftovers should be stored in an airtight container and that the lid should be placed on when the item is cold.

According to the chef, this will prevent any condensation and bacteria from growing.

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