I'm 26 & I've never had a boyfriend… annoying people say the same things to me constantly and it’s so boring | The Sun

MOST of us had our first relationship in our teens – but at 26, Mandana Zarghami is yet to find her first boyfriend.

The stunning woman, believed to be from the US, recently shocked the internet after revealing she's never had a Romeo – and of course, people always have something to say…

Mandana, who has close to a whopping 50k followers on Instagram and TikTok, claimed that pals often wonder how someone like her is still single.

Sometimes, she revealed in her video, they share their guesses – and many assume she might be lesbian.

But whilst some are more concerned about her sexuality, which Mandana hasn't disclosed, others remind her that good things take time.

Trying to comfort the 26-year-old, who doesn't seem bothered about the lack of a man by her side, supportive mates say: ''It'll happen when you least expect it.''

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In some cases, Mandana said that people have even blamed her for missing the significant other – in their eyes, her standards are too high and she should lower them if she wants to find a bloke.

''Guys are just too intimated by you!'' is another comment the 26-year-old is getting bored of hearing on a constant basis.

Although it is unsure whether Mandana wants to start a family at any point, it appears that people know the answer – she does and if she is keen to have kids in the future, she should hurry up.

Looking at Mandana, they'd remind: ''Your biological clock is ticking…''

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More concerned about her clock than they should be, they also often recommend giving online dating a go – after all, being single ''for so long'' is something they can't wrap their heads around.

Luckily, it seems that Mandana couldn't care any less about what others have to say.

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She recently hit back at all the trolls, saying she'll enter 2023 single and celibate.

''No toxic relationships, building my dream body, just good vibes, good health, more money and more blessings.

''Feeling like Mary,'' she chuckled.

Fortunately, people on social media were supportive and flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: ''Honestly, I'll never understand why people make a huge deal if you're single.

''Fall in love when you're ready, not because you're lonely.''

Another agreed, saying: ''Just ignore everyone. They are too busy projecting their own insecurities onto you because they can’t comprehend how brave you are for not settling.

''Please don’t settle.''

A third reckoned: ''Being single and staying single should be normalized.''

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