If you spot the girl in this optical illusion you're in the top 1% – but there's a useful trick to help you | The Sun

THIS image looks like an older man with an odd hairstyle but only those who are detailed oriented can see the girl.

A popular TikTok is testing people's attention to detail and perspective with a clever optical illusion.

Rana Arshad, who goes by @Rana_Illusions on TikTok, asked viewers to try and spot the girl hidden in the man's face.

Pay close attention to the man's nose. It's actually a girl sitting facing away from the camera.

She's wearing a hat and a long dress. In this nature scene, the girl is looking out at two hills that also act as the man's eyes.

To the left of the girl is a tree that wraps around to form the man's hairline.

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Another optical illusion of a nature scene is hiding a second animal.

TikToker HecticNick uploaded the visual gimmick, which shows a dog standing next to a tree with no leaves.

"This picture is not what you think it is!" he says.

"Look like there's just a dog! There's actually a hidden cat."

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Users were left absolutely baffled, with some going as far as to suggest the dog was actually a cat.

Look a little closer you'll see an outline of a cat's body among the branches of the leaf-less tree.

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