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A FORMER Claire's Accessories employee shared the most annoying thing that parents do when they want their children's ears pierced.

TikToker Daniel re-enacted a familiar scene at closing time in a recent video.

In the skit, he showed himself shutting up shop at 7pm only for a parent to come along and announce they want their child's ears pierced immediately.

He said: "Oh sorry – it is 7pm. I did actually just close for the day."

He explained that the parent would often push back and say that as he was still there he should be able to provide the service.

He said: "Yeh sorry about that but I'm supposed to close on time or else I could get in trouble."

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He then said that the parents would continue to push and get annoyed.

Daniel also explained that they often got people coming in for popular products like Squishmallows, despite seeing online that they were out of stock.

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He said that shoppers would be annoyed if they didn't have their favourite items on the shelves – even though the staff couldn't control what came into the shop.

Daniel captioned the video with: "I still can’t believe that I worked there for two years. I have nightmares about this job."

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the video.

One person said: "Nah. These customers make me angry."

Another said: "As a past Claire's employee I can relate to all of these."

A third said: "I'm so glad that my Claire's is chill as hell."

Another said: "I cannot tell you how many times i closed that gate knowing there were people coming towards me."

While another said: "People make fun of Claire's when they should make fun of the customers."

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