I went from being a broke waitress to a six-figure salary at 22 years old and here's how you can too

ARE YOU fed up of working a boring 9-5 office job and barely having enough money once your bills are paid?

Well, one woman has taken to TikTok to share her story of how she is a six-figure earner at the age of just 22. 

Afnan Khalifa posted to her TikTok account ‘stylebykhalifa’ to share how she has made her fortune – and we are impressed.

She worked at a restaurant and didn’t see herself ever doing anything big.

She was fed up with living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough money to save.

She dropped out of university and thanks to investing and affiliate marketing, she ended up being able to make six figures in just six months at 22 years old.

Thanks to investing and affiliate marketing, Afnan is able to make $70,000 a month at 22 years old. 

Afnan revealed that before she started investing she was making just $500 a month – but now she's on $70,000 a month.

She explained: “Life can change in 6 months. 

“My biggest flex is that I own a multi-million dollar business at 22.

“On my way to ten million.” 

Afnan revealed that she gets hundreds of people asking her how she has managed to make such a huge success, and this is how.

She said: “I get like 100 messages a day asking me how I made so much money and how I have so much success at 22 years-old.

“Let me tell you exactly what I did.

“Back in November 2019 I was literally broke, I used to work as a waitress in a restaurant and I just didn’t see myself doing anything big.

“I didn’t know anything about investing, trading, about marketing, nothing, I had zero experience. 

“I was so tired of living paycheck to paycheck.


“I was so sick and tired every month that I couldn’t save one dollar because I had so many bills and I didn’t get paid enough.

“So I joined this company that teaches financial education and it has all the markets – forex, stocks, crypto – you name it, you will find it there. 

“When I joined, I was blown away by how many young, successful people there were at the company – six figure earners, seven figure earners, eight figure earners.

“You can make money while learning.

“So six months later I made six figures, ten months later I made multi-six figures and I could not have been more grateful for the opportunity that I took and the risks that I took because it truly changed my life.

"Worked hard for this lifestyle, retired now forever."

Afnan revealed that throughout her learning process she “sacrificed mornings and nights”, but now, is “never working a job ever again” and has “a new city to visit every month”.

Afnan has explained four ways you can “earn money without a college degree”.

She said: “Number one: Stock trading – a lot of people are investing in the stock market. You can hold on shares and they will go up in value as long as you learn the skill set to actually know more about the market.

“Number two which is my favourite: Crypto trading – crypto is more than Bitcoin, there are a lot of Crypto currencies that are a couple of cents and if you invest in them a couple of dollars you can literally make a lot of money from it.

“Number three which is forex and binary, this is the most complicated one but if you actually take the time to practice it and learn it, you can make a lot of money  because it is very, very volatile.

“Number four is affiliate marketing which is literally to refer of a product or company to someone.

“And those are the four ways you can make money online without a college degree.” 

For those wanting to break away from the boring 9-5, Afnan shares her advice.

She said: “My advice: Start trading CRYPTO and do affiliate marketing.

“Don’t follow the norm!

“Go get rich babe.

“My advice for you – find the fire, be coachable, be dedicated, be consistent and watch how your life is going to change.” 

Many TikTok users were amazed by Afnan’s success and were eager to learn more.

One person said: “Girl you need to help me out!! Howwwwww” 

Another added: “Girl please help me. I need to know how.” 

A third commented: “Girl teach me!!” 

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