I was bullied for having the same name as a nightclub but I don’t care, I love my unique name | The Sun

IT CAN take parents years to think of the perfect name to give their children.

And one dad settled on a special name for his firstborn daughter, but not everyone in the family was thrilled by his choice.

Utopia Adaway, 32, has been bullied from a young age because of her unique name which means paradise.

Her dad decided on her distinctive name after doctors mistakenly told them they were expecting a little boy.

Delighted to have a daughter, her dad picked the name Utopia as it meant 'paradise'.

However, she revealed to the Mirror that her grandfather hated the name and refused to use it.


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Instead, he opted to call her Emma – until her mum stepped in and no longer allowed it, leading him to call her 'Topi' instead.

Utopia, from Berkshire, was bullied throughout her school years because of her unique moniker.

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The situation got worse when a nightclub opened up in the area when Utopia was young, leading many to assume she was named after it.

Despite, the nightclub shutting down a few years back, Utopia is still faced with questions about it.

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She said: "Even now, I'll go to an interview with, you know, for a new job or something, and people who are older than me will be like, 'Oh, you remember the nights in Utopia?

"And I'm like, well, I was only three when that nightclub opened! Even now, I've still got the newspaper where I was in it on the dancefloor."

Utopia and her mum were invited to the grand opening of the nightclub back in 1992.

While Utopia now loves her unique name she reflected that throughout school she was bullied because of it.

She added: "Kids can be horrible. They bully each other. And it's just another bit of ammo for children, isn't it, to bully someone having a different name?"

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Despite being bullied in school, Utopia thanks her unusual name for making her the confident person she is today.

"No matter what your name is, your colour, it's good to be different because you stand out from a crowd and people remember you,2 she added.

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