I used to be a cleaning lady & you’ve been mopping your floor wrong – what to do before putting a drop of water on it | The Sun

A FORMER cleaning lady has revealed that we've been cleaning the floors in our bathroom all wrong.

Jodi Seevers, from the US, revealed the correct way to clean your floors and what you should be doing before a drop of water gets in your mop bucket.

The ex-professional cleaner demonstrated the correct way to clean your bathroom in an Instagram video which has been liked over 30,000 times.

Anyone who has cleaned a bathroom knows how infuriating it can be to wipe down your bathroom as you often end up with small clumps of dust that won't budge.

However, Jodi revealed that using a dust mitt before mopping your floors will stop the dust clinging into the floors or toilet.

She showed how she used a dusting mitt to first dust her toilet down.


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She first dusts off any lint from toilet paper and dust off of the toilet and then dry dusts with the same mitt on the floor around the toilet before even touching a mop.

Jodi said: "The fluffy dust from the toilet paper won't cling to the porcelain or the floor!

The cleaning whizz shared that she used a dust mitt from Norwex, which retails for £14.99.

Many people were impressed with the simple trick, as it makes cleaning your bathroom that little bit easier.

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One wrote: "Good idea a wet rag its gross and hard to clean. Dusting great idea. I started vacuuming before cleaning but this is easier."

"Great idea. Thanks," another person commented.

A third replied: "I do this! So much better and easier to keep lint free. I clean whole bathroom in under 5 mins daily."

However some suggested they wouldn't want to use a reusable mitt around the toilet because of the boys in their house.

"NOT especially if there are men in the house… wet paper towels then properly clean with cloths that are solely used for washing bathroom floors," one commented.

Another joked: "Pro tip- make the husband clean around the toilet. Makes him hit the toilet more accurately."

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