I tried Primark’s heatless curler to see what the fuss was about – I didn’t expect much but here’s how I got on | The Sun

LOOKING to add some more bounce curls to your hair? 

Primark fans are raving about the Primark Barbie heatless curler which works wonders overnight.

Britanny Miller is a fashion and beauty influencer on TikTok and Instgram.

She shares fashion and make-up hauls and has over 450,000 followers on TikTok.

Britanny tested the £3.50 heatless curler  in a recent video.

Brittany said: "I’ve got this Barbie heatless curler today so let's see what it is like and I’ll show the results in the morning the end of this video.”

Brittany took her viewers through a step by step guide.

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She said: “So brush your hair and then part your hair into two and then whack on the curler over the top and then secure in the middle.” 

She continued: “Right so what you’ve got to do is get a small chunk wrap it round and then just keep going wrapping round, not too big otherwise the curls won’t come out very good.”

She said: “So when you get this part and you don’t have any more hair to wrap round, just collect it all together and just wrap it round as tight as possible, keeping it high.”

Brittany said: “I’ll be so impressed if this works by the way because I’ve got such thick long hair at the moment so hopefully it works”.

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Finally Britanny said: “Secure with a scrunchie, the Barbie scrunchie is so cute. Feel free to put in more claw clips like I have just to make it more secure. And that's all done hopefully it stays in place all night and I'll show you the results in the morning.” 

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Brittany came back in the morning to show the results of the Primark Barbie heatless curler 

She said: “The heatless curler has stayed in so well. So let's see what it looks like.”

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Brittany advised: “Make sure you brush it out with a wide comb and not just a normal hair brush.”

She said: “But guys it looks incredible the only thing I’m gonna do is like curl the front bits but other than that it looks amazing.”

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