I got my girl a £600k flat, £40k bracelet & clothes worth £60k for her 1st birthday – she's spoilt… I don't care

The youngest daughter of Brit millionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow received a £600k flat for her first birthday – and that was just the start of it.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 51, who's from Manchester but lives in Florida, welcomed his first child with fiancé Scott Hutchison, 25, a daughter called Valentina born via surrogate, in September 2020.

Now he's revealed what gifts she received for her first birthday – and we reckon you'll be shocked.

Because, among the haul, was a posh flat in new development Manchester New Square.

"I bought her an apartment worth £600k in Manchester as an investment for the future," Barrie told Fabulous.

"I [also] hired a personal shopper to go out around London and buy her a selection of designer clothes.

"She spent around £60k on them. They are only going to fit her until after Christmas because she is growing so fast."

Meanwhile Scott bought her a bought her a diamond Tiffany bracelet worth £40k and and Tiffany love heart necklace.

Barrie described Valentina, conceived via a surrogate, as "such a sweetheart".

"She is turning into a real little girl now," he said.

"She just turned a year old and she is developing a brilliant personality. We didn’t know what to get the baby that already has everything for her birthday, sobought her a flat."

Valentina's big sister Saffron, 21, also has a flat in the same building.

"Saffron bought an apartment in the same building so we thought it would be nice to have one for her sister there too," he said.

"There are many footballers in the building too."

And the proud dad was happy to admit his little girl was spoilt.

"We do spoil her that’s for sure and it’s never going to stop," he said. "The problem is, there will always be people who don't like our life style, that's for sure.

"We don't hurt anyone and we don't expect anything from anyone.

"We employ over 150 full time people in our businesses and we pay our taxes like anyone else.

"But people still have a problem with us!

"I say 'what the f***'. Don't judge my life until you have lived a day in it"

Barrie, who runs a number of businesses including a surrogacy agency, said he had worked hard for his cash.

"We earn our money, nobody gave us anything," he added, explaining he organised vaccine clinical trials for coronavirus. "We are not old money with inheritance. We made and still make every penny we earn. We work long hours and seven days of the week.

"People don't see that, but last year I earned over £14m.

"This year I will earn around £20m myself just from the vaccine clinical trials we ran during covid.

"Some people have said we are like the old fashioned war profiteers making so much money from misery, but if we didn't, someone else would.

"This gives us our life style and i'm not apologising for it."

Valentina's dad Scott previously dated Barrie and ex-husband Tony's daughter Saffron, 21, for several months, but she's very supportive of their relationship.

Previously Barrie told Fabulous how Valentina, at just a couple of months old, had an amazing wardrobe jam-packed with designer goods – and Saffron only lets her little sister wear Gucci socks.

Barrie told Fabulous: "She has several pair of Ugg boots and many Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace already. A real, spoilt little madam. Saffron buys her Gucci socks and won't let me put anything else on her."

Saffron lives with dads Barrie and Tony, ex Scott, her twin brother Aspen, younger brother Orlando, 17, twins Jasper and Dallas, 10, and baby Valentina in a 10-bedroom mansion costing £6 million.

And she insists there's no "weird love triangle" between her, her dad and her ex.

She said: "We had fun, and Scott's a beautiful guy, all my friends fancied him, but we were better off as friends."

Saffron has known Scott since she was 13, when he came to work for her family as a PA. They dated when she was 18 and remain close friends.

Meanwhile Barrie and Tony, 55, hit headlines in 1999 when they became the first same sex couple to be formally registered as parents.

Saffron and Aspen, also born via surrogate, were their first and second of five kids together.

The couple became civil partners in 2006 and married in 2014, but Barrie later revealed they "slid into a platonic relationship" after Tony was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2006.

Scott became a "shoulder to cry on" while Tony, who's now in remission, went through hospital treatment in 2018.

Last year, Barrie said Tony remained his "true love" but they had ended their 32-year relationship. 

Speaking to Closer, Saffron revealed Tony gave Barrie and Scott his blessing, and said her other dad has found happiness with his nurse, Brent.

Meanwhile, Saffron revealed she has spent $100k on surgery after trolls said she had flat boobs, now her dad wants her to get more.

She also opened up about her fashion must-haves – and why Primark isn’t one of them.

Plus Tony revealed how he and Barrie are still best mates despite their split.

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