I got a makeover after five C-sections gave me jelly belly – tummy tuck, boob job and lipo are the best things I’ve done | The Sun

HAVING five children is no joke, so when one mum began feeling insecure about her body she took the plunge to do something about it. 

In November last year, Jenn documented the appearance of her stomach for three days before heading into surgery to get a mummy makeover, including a tummy tuck, boob job and liposuction. 

Smiling as she bared her stomach on TikTok for all to see prior to the surgery, she told her followers: “3 days until my mommy makeover,” – repeating this process daily for people to see the excess skin. 

After a short clip of her posing in a hospital gown, face and hair mask, she was then seen walking with her back hunched 19 hours after the operation. 

Giving a thumbs up for the camera, she moved from side to side to show the aftermath of going under the knife. 

“5 c-sections later and I finally got my mommy makeover,” she wrote in the caption. 

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Now, nearly four months later, she’s given a little update to show off the results, exclaiming: “Best thing I ever did for myself! Thank you Dr. Bedolla!” 

She first shared a Facebook post she put out back in 2020, nearly three years before she underwent surgery to change her appearance. 

It showed a snap of someone holding a pair of scissors near their stomach with the caption: “I’m this close to doing my own tummy tuck”. 

Over this, she wrote: “Haven’t done it yet (thanks to the gym) but…” 

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As this played out, a trending voiceover could be heard in the background, which said: “I’m not going to do it girl, I was just thinking about it, I’m not going to do it… I did it.” 

Some footage of her in surgery could then be seen, over which some text read: “Breast augmentation with lift, lipo360 & tummy tuck”. 

In the next shot, Jenn could be seen standing in nothing but a grey sports bra and black leggings that she pulled down, revealing her flat stomach and a scar that went around from one hip to the other. 

Her story left many people inspired and viewers couldn’t help but ask questions about her journey in the comments section. 

“Would you say the recovery was easier or worse than a c-section?” one curious person quizzed. 

She answered: “I would say worse…and I’ve had 5 c-sections haha. But honestly my only pain was back pain. It was rough.” 

“Ok but how’d the tattoo turn out?” another asked, referring to the tattoo she had on her stomach, near her hip before the operation. 

Jenn explained: “It’s gone, thank god. Hated that one.” 

A third said: “You came up on my FYP I looking for a surgeon! Who did you use? Please share some info!” [sic]

Upon seeing this, Jenn said she went to Dr. Bedolla in Southlake, explaining that he was “great and his staff is awesome,” before later adding that she “loves” the results. 

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But one troll accused the mum of “choosing the easy way”.

Hitting back, she said: “Always? Do you know me? Bc if you did you would know I work out 4-5 days a week and have had 6 kids, 5 c-sections, and an abdominal hysterectomy.” [sic]

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