I got a £200 haul from Primark including some absolute bargains – one buy make me look like a Little Britain character | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared a massive £200 Primark haul and surprised even herself with some of her picks. 

Demi said in a video online: “I'm challenging myself to try on £200 worth of Primark stuff whilst I feel really good about myself.”

First Demi tried on pair of sparkly flare trousers for £7.

She said: “These trousers for 7 quid am I ever gonna wear them? Probably not because they're 7 quid. I just bought them.”

Demi also bought a chain belt which she thought would work with the pink sparkly flares.

She said “I also got this really nice little belt, it's quite cool together.”

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Next Demi tried on a purple blazer and trouser suit set. 

“Well what in the Emily in Paris do I look like? These trousers are really long, grandma really likes this one.”

Demi said she bought a purple sequin underwear set which she thought would look nice under her purple suit.

“But do you know what I bought to go underneath which I thought would look quite cool, a little sequined number. I also bought them in pink and black because they were 4 quid each.”

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Demi decided is was thumbs up on the purple suit even though the trousers were a bit too long for her, 

She said: “I actually really like this, this is nice."

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Next Demi tried on a green knit cardigan with her purple trousers. 

She said: “This is Scooby Doo, but I really like this cardi. But again I wouldn't really wear this together. This is nice.”

Demi also bought a green skirt.

“I look like a child's TV presenter… it is a nice skirt though again I probably wouldn't wear (with the green jumper).”

Next up a square neck long sleeve and a pair of black boucle shorts. 

Demi said: “I probably won't wear these together, but I got these little shorts which are cute. What do you call that material? Boucle and then this really nice top and it sort of angles down your pouch [hides your stomach] but this is very comfy."

Demi also tried a cargo skirt. 

I've got a cargo skirt, but I actually really like this skirt. This is nice. I like that more than I thought I was going to actually.”

Demi grabbed some Powerpuff girls pyjamas which she said were super comfy. 

“These are the best pyjamas. Look, I would be a Buttercup all day. The period bloat is comfiest in these.”

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Demi also tried on a mesh dress and neon-colored halter neck bodysuit. 

She said: “No, but the last one reminds me of a Little Britain character.”

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