I gave my twins girls the same name, trolls say I’ve stopped them being individual, but it’s just not true | The Sun

A MUM has left fellow parents stunned after revealing that she gave both of her twin girls the same name.

The new mum took to social media where she proudly shared a snap of her adorable newborn twins.

Captioning the image she revealed there was very little difference between either of her daughter’s names.

Referring to her babies as A & B she revealed they were called Bella Rose and Bellamy Rose.

Her post has since been shared on Reddit where fellow parents were left gobsmacked at the near-identical monikers.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Individuality is a thing 🙄 I hope Bellamy goes by Amy.

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“Like, not even a second middle name to fall back on ??? This is upsetting.”

Agreeing a second added: “The fun part about having twins is you get to name TWO children!! This lady really had no other favorite names🙄.”

“Why though? Sounds like you're just setting the kids and yourself up for a life of confusion,” wrote a third.

Other redditors admitted that, amazingly, this wasn’t the first instance of twins having the same name that they had come across.

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One explained: “I went to high school with a set of identical twins who were super duper identical. They were both called Walter.”

Another chimed in: “I see this all the time at my job. It's far more common than you think, I think we even had a case of non twin siblings with the exact same name too. Wild stuff and a real inconvenience.”

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