I ditched my date because I got the ick over one thing he did to the waiter

A WOMAN has revealed that she dumped a date after he made just one mistake with the waiters.

TikTok user Julia Carlisle recounted a recent date she had been on, but had decided almost instantly that it would be their first and last.

Captioning her video, she wrote: “Me on a 1st date knowing it’s our last bc he tried to get the waiter's attention and they didn’t notice him & I got the ick.

“I don’t know why this gives me such second hand embarrassment.”

The video has since received over 25,000 views and hundreds of comments, many from blokes who were horrified by her instant dismissal.

One wrote: “Certified not wife material.”

“Better just never go on dates,” commented another, while a third added, “He dodged a bullet.”

However, while many disagreed with her approach, just as many were quick to agree that they too would have gotten the ick.

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One wrote: “Men breathe and I’m nauseous.” 

“Waiter hailing ability seriously matters,” agreed another, while a third added, “It’s so awkward omg.”

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