I am a bikini bodybuilder – I get dress coded in the gym for my ‘inappropriate’ outfits but I don’t care, I am who I am | The Sun

A BIKINI bodybuilder has told how she is constantly dress coded in the gym for her "inappropriate" outfits.

Fitness enthusiast Hannah Asanah says Karen's regularly stop her workouts to criticise her attire – but she doesn't care.

The stunning 6ft 2ins model shares her exercise tips with her 386,000 TikTok followers, as well as her gym experiences.

She explained other fitness junkies – who she dubbed "Karen's" – have hit out at her for wearing tight-fitting activewear.

The US-based bodybuilder, who is often seen dripping in sweat in her clips, typically dons sports bras and lycra shorts to pump some weights.

But with her mind set on achieving her gym goals, unphased Hannah simply brushes off the rude comments.


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Instead, she uses her social media platform to vent – and encourage others to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

She poked fun at the prudish gymgoers by sharing a video showing off her huge gains in the gym.

Hannah is seen sporting colourful shorts as she gears up for a set of squats in the clip, which she added a hilarious audio to.

She mimicked a typical conversation she is forced to endure with other fitness fanatics – and proudly declared she doesn't care for their opinions.

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The bodybuilder said she is often pestered to "cover up in the gym," to which she bluntly responds: "No."

Her other favoured response to unwarranted comments is: "I am who I am."

Hannah jokingly captioned the clip, which racked up a whopping 10million views: "Let me live my life Karen."

The comment section was flooded with words of support from her followers who praised her calmness – and her outfit choice.

One wrote: "Gym attire was made to show off. I don't know why everyone acts like it's not."

Another said: "Why are people complaining? It's just a beautiful woman working out."

And a third chimed in: "You look amazing girl! And where are the shorts from they are so cute!"

We previously told how another woman dress coded while at the gym slammed critics, saying it was men's fault as they "can't keep their eyes to themselves."

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